Maintaining your F-1 Visa

Maintaining your F-1 Visa

How to Maintain F1 Student Visa Status?

So, you have gotten your F-1 Visa and you are now in the United States attending your university and studying.

It is important that F-1 students in the U.S. maintain their immigration status at all times.

Some of the things which a F1 visa holder must keep in mind to maintain their status are:

Active Status

Always enroll as a full-time student in their respective school.


Be sure you to renew your passport at an appropriate time so your passport is always valid


Inform the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) of any changes, such as address and contact information.


Comply with your school/university rules in order to maintain your status


check with your campus about the required credit hours per semester is considered a full course load for undergraduates. Graduate students must take at least the required number of credit hours to be considered ``full-time``. If you are unable to take the required number of courses needed to be full time due to some valid reason, you need to take your department advisor's approval and inform your designated school official so that you can still maintain a full time status with USCIS.

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